Get all zone temperatures

for device in client.temperatures():
    print device

Calling this function returns a dictionary for each device which includes the sensor ID, the name of the sensor, the type of sensor and the current temperature reading

The temperatures are cached so if you want to request updated values, you can force a refresh:

for device in client.temperatures(force_refresh=True):
    print device

Specifying a zone

Zones can be specified either as a string with the name of zone (case sensitive) or based on the ID of the sensor.

Both of these can be found by running the command above to list the current configuration of the system.

zone = 'House'

# or

zone = 31234

Setting a zone temperature

temperature = 19.0
client.set_temperature(zone, temperature) # set permanent

from datetime import datetime
client.set_temperature(zone, temperature, datetime(2014,4,10,22,0,0)) # set temperature until 10 Apr 2014, 10pm

Cancelling the temperature override